The Trust was designed to take advantage of real estate opportunities that will provide steady growth and annual cash flow. The Trust sees continued opportunities in the sunbelt states and cities such as Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Atlanta. As of December 2019, the Trust had made investments in 8 US properties. As of April 2020, the Trust has made a total of 11 investments in US properties. The Trust follows economic, population and job growth and focus on rental housing for the hard-working tenant.

Given the COVID-19 crisis the world has encountered since March 2020, the Trust will continue to monitor tenant rental payments during self-isolation imposed by governments. It is our opinion that people will see the roof over their head (whether they pay rent or mortgage) as a key priority during and after this crisis. For that reason, the Trust is working with our Portfolio Companies to ensure they are pro-active and compassionate when dealing with tenants during the COVID-19 isolation period.

The strategy for 2020 for Multi-Family is to continue to look for investments in the sunbelt states but we are also looking at opportunities in Western Canada and Southern Ontario.